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Fifteen Pounds: Part V

Jack was very fond of punk rock music, especially the Sex Pistols. The short trip to Piccadilly Circus Station only let him listen to two songs from the band that was formed in that very city and became one of the world's greatest punk symbols. After minding the gap between the train and the platform, he took his headphones off and headed towards the exit.

Piccadilly Circus, as always, was beautiful and full of people. But Jack had a task. A task that looked simple, yet it turned out it wasn't. When he was walking down the A4 (16), he saw a group of five armed guys pointing at him. He ran, he ran until his muscles burned and his veins pumped battery acid. Then he ran some more. Jack ran back into the tube (17) station and got lost into a random hallway (he wasn't paying attention to where he was heading). After a few minutes of adrenaline and running, he found himself waiting for the northbound train of the Bakerloo Line.

He went to Oxford Circus station then exchanged for the Victoria Line, to try and confuse someone who could be following him. He put on his headphones again, he needed to relax even more. Even though his life as a hitman made him used to being followed sometimes, he still wasn't very used to that. He took his iPod out of his pocket again and put on his headphones to keep listening to the Sex Pistols. It would be a long trip to Seven Sisters, where he was going to find Tyler to hide him for a while. He had to think of how to deliver the package. It wasn't going to be easy.

(16) - A road in London
(17) - British slang for "subway"/"underground"

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