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Fifteen Pounds: Part IV

After walking a block, Jack heard someone shouting behind him: "Jack! Jack!". Jack recognised (10) the heavy Irish accent and turned behind. It was Johnny McGirr, waiter at Seán's Pub, who brought him a bottle with a weird green content and reminded Jack three times not to inhale and not even think about drinking what was in it. The young Irishman bid the confused Jack farewell and walked back to the pub.

"What the fuck is this?", Jack thought while walking the, now slippery (11) (due to the melting snow), pavement (12) and putting the bottle inside the front pocket of the backpack. Strolling past a jewellery, Jack recognised, on the TV that was in it, the police officer that was being interviewed: it was Dave Andrews, the same officer who had been interviewed by the Guardian. Even though he needed to keep walking, Jack stopped and kept on watching the interview on BBC Two.

Jack left the jewellery half skeptical (13), half frightened. Before he could think of what he heard the captain speaking, he heard a cellphone ringing and started looking for it on the backpack, since he had left his own cellphone at his flat. Luckily, he found it in the first side pocket he opened. He answered it and it was Seán: "hey, mate, inside one of these pockets, you're gonna find a note with an address. I want you to leave this bloody (14) backpack and the bottle over there, alright? Remember to handle it carefully, mate. Sláinte! (15)". Seán hung up before Jack could manage to ask what was inside the backpack, which main pocket was closed with a little, but resistant, lock.

Jack arrived at King's Cross Station and started riding the escalators when he got the note with the address. It read: "5 Spring Gardens, Westminster, London". If Jack wasn't wrong, this street was quite close to Trafalgar Square. He, then, followed the hallways to the Piccadilly Line train southbound. After two minutes, he entered the train and put on his headphones. Jack needed a little rest.

(10) - British equivalent for "recognize"
(11) - Adjective for a surface that's difficult to stand on due to its wetness
(12) - British equivalent for "sidewalk"
(13) - Synonym of "incredulous"
(14) - British slang for "fucking", "damned"
(15) - Irish expression for "cheers"

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