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Fifteen Pounds: Part III

Even though it was October, in the middle of autumn (7), some snowflakes were falling from the sky. Although Jack was finding that quite odd (8), he kept on observing cautiously people around him on the train.

Around half an hour later, Jack was riding the apparently infinite escalators (9) of King's Cross Station. His clock was showing something between 8 and 8:30AM (he couldn't tell time on his analog Rolex that was given by his friend Tyler) and the october snow had already taken control of the streets in Central London.

Opposed to East London, Central London was always full of people. Ironically, after some actions bordering paranoia, Jack felt safety while he was around tens of people or, in certain periods of time, hundreds of people. After a few more minutes walking, Jack entered an Irish pub. It almost empty at this time, with only two people cleaning the mess from last night.

One of these two people was the owner, Seán O'Hara, who, when he saw Jack closing the door, indicated, silently, that Jack should stand where he was. Seán walked through the back door and came back holding a backpack. He handed it over to Jack and said: "handle it carefully". Jack put on the backpack, shook Seán's hand and left towards King's Cross Station.

(7) - Synonym of "fall"
(8) - Not common; uncommon
(9) - Moving staircase


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