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Fifteen Pounds: Part II

The lift, as well as the building itself, was old. While going down, Jack took the note from his pocket and read it again: "Are you afraid of dying? You'd better not be.". Adrenaline was still pumping in his veins.

West Ham is a quiet and calm neighbourhood (4) in East London, where the only people awake at that hour were running on the park alongside the playing field of East London RFC (5). The day, as it's normal in late October, was cold and cloudy. But Jack couldn't care less about the wind or the people running on the park. He was walking quickly to West Ham Station, stopping to buy a newspaper before entering it.

He entered the station, walked through the barriers and up the escalators until he found a white sign with a pink stripe that read "Hammersmith & City Line". He followed the hallway until he entered the westbound platform. For safety reasons, he walked to the end of the platform, for he did not want to be close to any other person.

When he finally stopped, he looked at the newspaper and saw a picture of lots of MP (6) officers in an alley and the following text: "Oliver Hendrick was found dead yesterday in the London district of Covent Garden. The Metro Police believes the murder of the youngster is related with the recent murders that have been occurring in London. When asked why the MP believed that, captain Dave Andrews answered that they found a similar note with all the victims."

The article wasn't finished, but Jack didn't need to read any further. That was just one more proof that the note he had received was not some sort of joke. He folded the newspaper, grabbed the weapon just to make sure it was still there and waited another minute for the train to come.

(4) - British spelling of the word "neighbourhood"
(5) - Rugby Football Club
(6) - Metropolitan Police


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